headHi, my name is Carrie Skluzak and I’m a Brain Integration Technique practitioner with BrainAbility in Lakewood, Colorado.  

 I’ve been on a lifelong journey to improve myself physically and emotionally (I was fat during my high school and college years and inherited my father’s heart plaque accumulations and a bit of OCD). As a mother, I have raised a child with ADHD and have been helping people with learning and emotional challenges since 2009. I just LOVE learning what the brain can do and how to support it. And, because supporting the brain means supporting the body, everything I have learned and put into practice involves lifestyle choices that improve the whole person, from the brain on down.

 For years, I have searched for products and techniques that help with mental proficiency, while being affordable, natural and easy to use. My absolute favorites are a high quality line of essential oils and products, which my family now uses regularly for muscle aches, allergies, burns and even cancer prevention. In my blog, I share ways to use oils for healthy living. And, I teach Brain Integration Techniques that help with focus and mental acuity.

My promise to you is to give you my full attention when listening to your needs so that the solutions we find together are customized for YOU. I am passionate about helping you!

 I hope you find a few tips in here that help you on the healthy path you’re looking for.

 May your path be healthy and bright!

BrainAbility is located in Lakewood, Colorado. Carrie has been serving the Denver Metro area and improving lives since 2009.